Club Introduction


Ultimate Frisbee, which combines the characteristics of both rugby and football, is a modern mixed team sport featuring high competition and low confrontation. The sport adheres to the spirit of Frisbee with the rules of ruling through negotiation as well as no physical contact and some other rules as the core. The International Student Frisbee Association was established in 2019, which provides a platform for international students to get to this sport. Since its establishment, the Frisbee Association has always taken the promotion of Ultimate Frisbee as its mission, actively carried out activities such as the popularization, training and short competitions of Ultimate Frisbee, organizing students to go out to participate in competitions and compete with Frisbee enthusiasts from all over the country.


Compared with other sports, Frisbee has a different advantage to attract college students. As a mixed team sport allowing participation of both men and women, Ultimate Frisbee is easy to start with low physical fitness requirements. It is very suitable for students to participate in after class. Our association aims to promote the development of the physical fitness for college students, carrying forward the indomitable sportsmanship of  Never giving up till landing. Through participating in Frisbee activities, the students will gain friendship, robust physique, good teamwork ability and spirit of perseverance, and finally develop their own “Frisbee Spirit”. 

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