Teachers and Students of School of International Education WXIT Heatedly Discussed "General Secretary Xi Jinping's Reply to All Pakistani Students of University of Science and Technology Beijing"


On May 17, President Xi Jinping replied to all Pakistani students from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. The reply from General Secretary Xi aroused a strong response from the majority of students studying in China. In order to deeply study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s reply, the School of International Education organized a symposium for international students on May 19 to talk about the feelings and perceptions of President Xi’s reply.


Xiong Ying, the dean of the School of International Education, pointed out that the friendship between the nations lies in the closeness of the people, and the closeness of the people lies in the connection of hearts. At the moment when the global epidemic is spreading, General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply is undoubtedly a ray of warm sun to put aside the haze. In this epidemic, the Chinese government has spared no effort to export medical assistance to the world while protecting the safety of its own people's lives and property. This is the demeanor of a major country, and it is also a powerful protest against the rising unilateralism.


Teacher Sun Taiwei said: General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned in his reply that during the fight against the epidemic, many international students cheered for the Chinese people in various ways. International students in our school have also sent the deepest wishes and encouragement to China, and some students also actively donated anti-epidemic materials to the school. I am deeply gratified to see the moving actions of the international students. At the same time, it has once again stimulated my enthusiasm for work. We should provide all kinds of assistance to international students so that they can study in China safely and healthily. Of course, we should also be committed to encouraging international students to communicate more with Chinese youths and to work with youths from other countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind.


Burundian student NZIZA GLORIA expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government and schools for the prevention and control measures taken during the epidemic: Chinese teachers and students have given us a lot of care and help during this period, constantly encouraging us, and making us feel at home. warm. Go China!


The Bangladeshi student SABBIR MD HANIF AL discussed building a community with a shared future for mankind. He pointed out that the new crown pneumonia is the common enemy of all mankind, and we all mankind must unite and cooperate to overcome the epidemic. We all human beings live on the same earth, and no country can survive alone. Only when the epidemics in all countries are under control, can this war against pandemic win the final victory.


In this symposium, teachers and students jointly learned the spirit of replying, shared their learning insights, and told stories about the fight against the epidemic. The international students of our school made a commitment to work together to contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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