Our College’s Case of International Development of Vocational Education Selected into the Excellent Case Collection of “the Belt and Road” International Education Exchange


On the afternoon of December 4th, the third council meeting and member meeting of “the Belt and Road Education Seminar for International Exchange and “the Belt and Road Education Branch for International Exchange of China Education Association for International Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Branch) were held in Shanghai. An Yan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Education Association for International Exchange, delivered a speech online. Chen Zhimin, Chairman of the Branch, Vice Chairman of “the Belt and Road” Education Campaign Promotion Committee of China Education Association for International Exchange, and Vice President of Fudan University, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Chen Yugang, Secretary General of the Branch and Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Fudan University, presided over the meeting, during which the Excellent Case Collection of “the Belt and Road International Education Exchange, and special projects of “the Belt and Road International Education Exchange was published. Our college’s construction of ASEAN-CHINA Teachers Training and Development Center was selected as an excellent case, and the project of the Exploration of Innovation Paths for International Development of Higher Vocational Colleges from the Belt and Road Perspective headed by Professor Xiong Ying was selected as one of the first batch of five special funding projects among Chinese colleges and universities. 

In response to the going global of China’s intelligent manufacturing and the Belt and Road Initiative, our college focuses on key contents such as Chinese language plus skills, intelligent manufacturing and international cooperation in vocational education, and makes steady progress in establishing an all-round, multi-level and three-dimensional mechanism for going global. In 2018, with the sole authorization of SEAMEO VOCTECH, ASEAN-CHINA Teachers Training and Development Center was set up in our college. The college takes vocational education as its core, and international cooperation in teaching and cultural exchange and mutual learning as its wings. Meanwhile, it also attaches importance to the education of enrolled international students, the output of teaching standards, and the construction of overseas branches and Chinese language centers. All of these have promoted the two-way interaction between input and output and built a development system that combines the characteristics of intelligent manufacturing and international development of vocational education, contributing to a replicable practice path for international cooperation in vocational education under “the Belt and Road” Initiative.

The Excellent Case Collection of “the Belt and Road International Education Exchange is the first book of its kind in China exemplified by cases focusing on international education exchange under “the Belt and Road” Initiative. The cases are selected from across the country in different levels of higher education, vocational education and basic education, covering various areas such as the construction of regional cooperation platforms, the design of educational exchange mechanisms, the innovation of international student cultivation models, pioneering efforts of running schools abroad, cooperation and co-construction between governments, schools, industries and enterprises, integration of production and education, scientific research cooperation, teaching design and standard output, and the exploration of the international development path of colleges and universities. Besides, the cases describe and demonstrate individual explorations and practices of “the Belt and Road International Education Exchange and Cooperation with pictures and texts, touching storytelling narratives, precise and concise languages, providing rich practical guidance for improving the international development level of Chinese colleges and universities.

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