TCSL Teachers of the School of International Education Take Training Courses of International Chinese Language Education


On the afternoon of December 13, TCSL teachers of the School of International Education of WXIT watched an online workshop on the new development model of international Chinese language education supported by CLEC smart classroom. Themed on “CLEC smart classrooms”, guests of the seminar carried out deep discussions and exchanges on such topics as how to build CLEC classrooms, which expanded the theoretical basis and vision of the research on the construction of international Chinese language education model.

Guests attended the workshop including Deng Meili, founder and headmaster of the Mandarin El Futuro Institute in Puerto Rico, USA, Professor Zhao Yang, Dean of the School of Chinese as a Second Language Education at Peking University, foreign cooperative representatives and other renowned domestic experts and scholars, and many of them delivered splendid speech. Professor Zhao Yang discussed the topic of course resources construction, and mentioned that it is imperative to tell a good story of China through short narratives and straightforward skill, while the construction of online resource provided a very large stage for short narratives. Other experts also shared their experiences and suggestions on the construction of the CLEC classrooms. The workshop passed highly constructive suggestions on to TCSL teachers and built a platform for mutual learning and improvement, which promoted communication among teachers and created conditions for timely identification of existing problems and promotion of excellent teaching experiences.

After the workshop, TCSL teachers carried out a week of online training in an orderly manner according to relevant learning contents of the International Chinese Language Education Week, and launched a great discussion on the reform of the teaching mode of Chinese as a second language. Teachers expressed that they would take the opportunity of the construction of CLEC classrooms to innovate teaching methods, strengthen teacher-student interaction, expand digital teaching resources, and further improve the teaching quality of international students under the normalization of the pandemic. The School of International Education will further build consensus, create a teaching and research atmosphere, form a synergy and make every effort to optimize the education of international students, with an aim to further improve the work of teaching Chinese language to international students in WXIT.

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