Our College Awarded “Jiangsu Advanced Institute in International Student Education” for the Fourth Time


From December 26th to 27th, the 2021 annual meeting of the International Students Education Management Research Committee of the Jiangsu Higher Education Society was held in Nanjing. Leaders and guests of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, the International Students Education Management Research Committee of the Jiangsu Higher Education Society, Exit and Entry Administration of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department and Division of Consular Affairs of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office attended the annual meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was presided over by Yu Xiaonan, Vice Chairman of the International Students Education Management Research Committee of the Jiangsu Higher Education Society. 

During the meeting, the work report of the Eighth Council of the International Students Education Management Research Committee of the Jiangsu Higher Education Society was listened, the leadership transition was announced, and the decision of commending outstanding achievements was read. For the fourth time, our college was awarded “Jiangsu Advanced Institute in International Student Education”. Comrades Ping Yi and Zhu Wenda of the School of International Education were awarded “Jiangsu Advanced Individuals in International Student Education and Management and “Jiangsu Excellent International Student Counselor” respectively. The college has thus won all the collective and individual awards in this meeting.

Professor Xiong Ying, Dean of the School of International Education, delivered a speech titled “Talent Input, Creation and Output in the Exploration and Practice of the Talent Cultivation Model by International Cooperation in Higher Vocational Education, which took “talent creation of the College” as the core and focused on the two-way development of talent input and output, with the aim of building a new model for talent cultivation by international cooperation featuring talent input, creation and output. The speech was well received by all the participants. 

In 2021, strict implementation of the COVID-19 prevention and control measures against imported cases was made into the college’s primary political task. The college strengthened the development of the education quality system which was an important work content, strictly maintained the quality of cross-border online teaching, helped students understand China and nurtured friendship towards China, promoted international communication, and saw to it that no abnormality was found in COVID-19 prevention and control against imported cases, the teaching was distinctive, the management was excellent, and the education was effective. The quality of higher education for international students in the college continued to be improved. In the new year, the college will carry out corresponding major work as one of the first batch of colleges gaining “Quality Certification of Higher Vocational Education for International Students in China, continue to deepen the connotation construction, improve the level of education for international students, and make greater contributions to its development as a high-level higher vocational college.

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