WXIT Holds the 2021 Graduation Ceremony for International Students of Delong Order Class


On the morning of January 14, the 2021 graduation ceremony for international students of Delong Enterprise Order Class, which is jointly developed by Wuxi Institute of Technology and Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry, was held online.

The graduation ceremony began with the speech by moderator Ping Yi, Vice President of the School of International Education. Mr. AB Susanto, Director of KOPTIP Group in Indonesia, congratulated all the graduating students at the ceremony. He expressed his gratitude to the college and enterprise for providing the learning opportunities, and reaffirmed his continued support for the development of the training program. On behalf of all teachers, Zhang Min and Yang Jing expressed their congratulations and best wishes to graduates and hoped that international students who attended the online classroom and examinations would develop an attitude of lifelong learning and constantly update their concepts in their future study and life. They wish all students could become a beam of light to further build the unimpeded bridge for cultural exchanges for community with a shared future for mankind by fully leveraging their professional expertise. Vira Septya Monica, a graduate from Indonesia, delivered a bilingual speech as a student representative, in which she expressed her enthusiasm for learning Chinese and outlook on the future, her gratitude to the teachers of WXIT and blessings to her classmates.

At the awarding ceremony of certificate of completion, teacher Xie Mingming read out the list of graduates, presented the certificates in the form of pictures, and warmly congratulated the international students for their excellent performance in WXIT.

In order to serve the Belt and Road Initiative, WXIT has made great efforts to integrate the resources and strengths of the college and enterprise, deepen industry-education integration to cultivate talents, and promote organic integration of education chain, talent chain, industry chain and innovation chain. All these moves prove to be a vivid practice of integrating national strategy and promoting the central work of talent cultivation underpinned by party developmenet, and will establish a solid foundation for college-enterprise comprehensive cooperation in the next stage. It is highly acknowledged by the college that only through innovation of industry-education integration and talent cultivation can we take solid steps to advance the construction of oversea campus jointly built by Wuxi Institute of Technology and Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry.

In December 2020, in response to the development needs of the overseas project invested by Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry in Indonesia, Delong order class was officially opened with a total of over 150 Indonesian trainees. After twelve months of training, all trainees completed tasks and graduated successfully, and will depart for Indonesian branch of Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry to open a new chapter of their life.

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