WXIT Ranks First among Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges in the Number of Projects Winning Teaching Achievement Award


Recently, the Provincial Education Department printed and issued the Notice of the Provincial Education Department on the Announcement of the Projects Winning Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Achievement Award in 2021 ([2022] No.4), in which Wuxi Institute of Technology ranked first among all higher vocational colleges in the number of projects applying for and winning the award, including 1 Grand Prize, 2 First Prizes and 3 Second Prizes.

Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Achievement Award is selected every four years, which is the highest-level award in the field of education and teaching in Jiangsu province and is a full recognition of achievements of education and teaching reform in colleges and research institutions at all levels and of all types. A total of 950 provincial-level teaching achievement awards were selected for 2021, including 90 Grand Prizes, 280 First Prizes and 580 Second Prizes.

WXIT has been adhering to the philosophy of “honoring rigorous scholarship and practicesfor a long time and has continuously promoted teaching reform and teaching research. With a focus on “research first and practice in parallel”, WXIT has achieved an abundance of outstanding outcomes. The winning of six prizes fully demonstrates the colleges efficacy in vigorously promoting education and teaching reform, continuously deepening talent cultivation mode and promoting self-improvement.

In the future, WXIT will continue to deeply implement the Party’s education policy in all respects, strengthen top-level design and overall planning, and further develop, expand, streamline and promote teaching achievements. With all these measures, WXIT endeavors to play a demonstrative and leading role in improving the cultivation and development of talents, and lay a solid foundation for the creation and development of Wuxi University of Technology.

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