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1. On-campus Accommodation

International students shall apply for on-campus accommodation through online booking in advance. Please check the website to get relevant info before the first day of school. 

* For students with Jiangsu government full scholarship, your apartment room will be reserved and you don’t need to book online in advance since your scholarship already covers accommodation expenses.

Campus Accommodation Expenses

The apartments for international students are the South Building and the North Building of Azalea Garden, with the same price.

2,000 yuan per academic year (include winter and summer vacations, but no bedding is provided, water and electricity are paid separately)

Click to learn about the Regulations on the Management of International Student Dormitories

Regulations on the Management of International Student Dormitory.pdf

2. Brief Introduction of Buildings of International Student Dormitories

The Six-story Building Complex, consisting of both the south and the north building.

Room for two people / Room for four people. Each room has a separate bathroom and kitchen.

3.Apartment Equipment

(1) Electricity:  Pay electricity fee through Alipay. Find your dormitory number in Column of other payment (Student Apartment of Azalea Garden), e-payment of Wuxi Institute of Technology (Alipay Account).

(2) Washing machine: Each floor is equipped with one washing machine, which can be paid by Alipay at 1.5-2.4 yuan each time (Choosing different washing procedures will have different prices). You can also send your clothes to the dry cleaners on the business street. The business hour there is from 9:00 to 20:00 every day. The charge depends on the weight of the clothes.

(3) Hot water: Every dormitory is equipped with an electric water heater. Remember to plug in and boil water in advance before taking a bath.

(4) Bottled water: If you order purified water (10 yuan/barrel), someone will carry it to your apartment. Their office is located in the management office on the first floor of the apartment. 

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