Graduation Requirements for Degree Seeking International Students of Wuxi Institute of Technology


I.The goal of cultivating international students

Oriented towards career competence and demand for jobs, the college is aimed at cultivating students job skills and professional competence, nurturing unique characteristics such as internationalization, skill upgrading and professionalism. It works to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents who understand traditional Chinese culture and history of humanity, ensure that talents can achieve all-round development in terms of their moral, intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics and acquiring of labor skills, and adapt to the needs of economic and social development of their country of origin.

II. Requirements for the cultivation of international students

Graduates should meet the following requirements in terms of caliber, knowledge and competence.

(1) Caliber

1. Abide by law and discipline, practice virtues and kindness, be honest and trust-worthy, respect life, love work, conform to codes of ethics and conduct, have a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement.

2. Have a sense of awareness for quality, environmental protection and safety, information literacy, and innovative thinking.

3. Boldly engage in endeavors, be optimistic, have self-management skills and a sense of awareness for career planning and team spirit.

4. Be in good physical and mental health, have a sound personality, master basic sports knowledge and 1-2 sports skills, build good fitness and hygiene habits, develop good behavior and habits.

5. Have a certain appreciation for aesthetics and humanities, and develop at least one artistic speciality or hobby.

(2) Knowledge

1. Master the necessary basic knowledge of science and culture.

2. Understand the basic knowledge of national conditions and culture of China, have a certain level of Chinese language competence such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, and bear in mind that it is obligatory to pass the HSK4 test before the completion of the study.

3. Be familiar with laws and regulations, as well as knowledge of environmental protection and fire safety related with the major.

4. Master the basic knowledge, professional knowledge and professional skills of the major, and obtain the credits specified in the talent cultivation plan (including graduation project and intern program for graduates).

5. Understand the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies in the professional field.

(3) Competence

1. Have basic Chinese language skills for oral and written expression and communication.

2. Possess IT application and maintenance capabilities necessary for the major.

3. Have the ability to conduct planning, designing and implementing in the professional field.

4. It is recommended that international students obtain professional-related vocational qualification certificates through study and training.


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