Heated Discussions among Faculty and Students of the WXIT School of International Education on the Letter of Reply from President Xi Jinping to the Foreign Students of Beijing University


The General Secretary of CPC Central Committee and President of the PRC Xi Jinping sent a letter of reply to the foreign students of Beijing University on June 21. In the letter, he encouraged the foreign students to learn more about the real China, and share their thoughts and experiences with more people, so as to build bridges among peoples from different countries. The letter of reply by President Xi has been responded magnificently by foreign students in China, and triggered the strong desire to learn the guiding principles embodied in the letter among faculty and students of WXIT. In order to gain a thorough understanding on the spirit of the reply letter, the School of International Education organized foreign students to exchange thoughts on the letter.


Amity between the peoples holds the key to state-to-state relations, and amity between the peoples lies in mutual understanding. As one of the first vocational institutes to receive foreign students, WXIT will unswervingly implement the education policy of understanding and befriending with Chinaand take the promotion of Chinese culture as our responsibility. Aiming at cultivating outstanding international talents, we will work to facilitate international cultural exchanges and offer the foreign students with a window to see a comprehensive and real China and understand China through our services and promotion, said Professor Xiong Ying, Dean of the School of International Education. President Xi pointed out in the letter that to understand todays China, one must understand the CPC. We will fully act upon the guidelines set forth in the letter and help more foreign students to learn about the real national facts of China and the history of the CPC. We will work to help them understand todays China and the CPC, so as to contribute to the people-to-people exchange and the building of a community with shared future for mankind, said Sun Taiwei, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education.


WXIT attaches great importance to the internationalization of education. Through the campaign of learning the revolution stories, sensing China, and other activities, we help the foreign students to understand China, and be friendly toward China. Meanwhile, we enable the foreign students to truly understand China and the CPC, and encourage them to introduce the outstanding Chinese culture with Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirits and Chinese wisdom to the outside world, in an effort to promote the going-global of Chinese culture. 

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