Jiangsu Provincial Education Department Inspected WXIT on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Preparations for the New Semester


On the afternoon of August 27, Cao Yumei, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Xu Qing, chief of vocational education division of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Wan Wei, second-level staff member of vocational education division of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, and Qian Yanhua, deputy director of Wuxi Center for Disease Control inspected our campus for epidemic prevention and control for the fall semester. Fu Jucheng, deputy party secretary of Wuxi Education Committee and deputy director of Wuxi Municipal Education Bureau attended the inspection. Zhu Aisheng, Gong Fanghong, Qiang Weigang received the inspection group, heads of WXIT CPC Committee, WXIT General Office, Human Resources Department, Students Affairs Department, Logistics Department and Task Force of Epidemic Prevention and Control accompanied the inspection tour.

The inspection group visited the quarantine site at campus, students’ canteen, and supplies for epidemic prevention and control. They inquired about the emergency response measures and contingency plans and checked the storages of relevant supplies. The inspection group praised our institute for the efforts made in this regard. Meanwhile, it is also important to be better prepared for the coming fall semester. More work needs to be done in ensuring ventilation, disinfection and social distancing in express delivery shops, supermarkets and canteens. Regulations must be strictly followed in dealing with people with fever, and construction and management of health monitoring area.

Cao Yumei required greater importance attached to the work of epidemic prevention and control. She reminded more solid efforts should be made in improving epidemic response measures, especially in the last minute before the new semester begins. Corrections shall be in place as soon as possible based on the suggestions of the inspection group, in an effort to ensure the safety of all teachers and students and stability at campus.

Party Secretary Zhu Aisheng said that WXIT will improve its emergency response capacity for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of Wuxi city and Jiangsu province, so as to be fully prepared for the fall semester. 

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