WXIT Held Teaching Work Meeting for the New Semester


According to the work plan on the postponed return of students for the new semester, WXIT held the teaching work meeting for the new semester in room F201 of the multi-purpose building on August 31, so as to better prepare for online teaching during the postponed period. Zhou Guijin, Deputy Party Secretary of WXIT, directors of academic affairs department, student affairs department and quality control department, and heads of teaching departments and staff of academic affairs office attended the meeting.  

Hu Junping, director of the academic affairs department presided over the meeting. Deputy Director Wang Deyan made detailed introduction to the Teaching Work Plan on the Postponed Return of Students, in which specifications were made regarding online teaching. Xu Yue, director of student affairs office explained the registration work of newly enrolled students. Cheng Zai, director of quality control department made arrangements on online teaching supervision.

Zhou Guijin laid out general guideline for online teaching and main tasks for the new semester. She stressed that while ensuring epidemic prevention and control among all faculty and staff and students, we shall strictly implement the Teaching Work Plan on the Postponed Return of Students in the Semester of 2021-2-22-1. She called on all teaching faculty to prepare the classes carefully and encouraged students to work hard, jointly embracing the new semester with a brand-new attitude.

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