International Students from WXIT Give Likes to Cross-Border Online Teaching


At the beginning of the spring semester of 2020, in the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, teachers from WXIT conducted online teaching for international students from nearly 20 countries. On February 17, cross-border online teaching began as scheduled. Teachers successively used various platforms to teach 37 Chinese and major courses to international students. 246 international students with academic qualifications actively participated in the course.


Although it is online teaching in a special period, the quality of teaching is still the lifeline of the education of international students. Focusing on the idea of flexibility, internationalization, diversification and individualization of teaching methods, teachers use live teaching, after-class summary, class tests and other forms to carry out cross-border online teaching in an orderly manner. The average student attendance rate is over 90%, and various courses complete the set teaching tasks as scheduled on the premise of ensuring quality.


Dr. Ye Sheling from the School of Foreign Languages and Tourism teaches Tourism Resources and Development, Exhibition Service and Management and other tourism courses. Dr. Ye adjusts the teaching method according to the specific situation of the online course, uses a combination of teacher explanation, student online discussion, and after-class homework reviews to ensure smooth classroom communication and teaching quality.


Teacher Qiao Yi from the School of Management teaches Logistics Information Technology Application. Mr. Qiao, who has 30 years of teaching experience, has carefully prepared for online teaching. Through optimization and adjustment of equipment debugging, teaching design and teaching content, the quality of online teaching is guaranteed.


Teacher Yang Jing of the School of International Education pays attention to the combination of lectures and exercises in the online Chinese class, and adjusts the classroom atmosphere through the interaction of text and voice in a timely manner to ensure the effect of online teaching. After the online course, students can watch the course playback through the platform to review.


After finishing the Python Application Development class, student Sabbir from Bangladesh felt very cool. This is the first time I have taken such a course. The teacher and the whole class are taking classes together through the Internet all over the world. The classes are very interesting, our discussions are very lively, and the interaction between everyone and the teacher is very frequent. This also makes me aware that it is necessary to prepare for the preview in advance, which has improved my self-study awareness and ability.


Andrey from Kazakhstan said: “Because of the jet lag, I get up at 5 a.m. every day to make preparations and start classes at 6 a.m., although I am learning Chinese on the Internet, the teacher is still very serious in class, and there is not much difference with the off-line classroom. We are very grateful to the teachers for taking responsibility for our studies. I am very confident in China's fight against the epidemic.

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