Chinese and Foreign Students from WXIT Surveyed Huaxi Village


On September 26, the school organized Chinese and foreign students to jointly participate in the social practice activities in Huaxi Village.


During the visit, the survey team learned about the brilliant achievements and great changes made by Huaxi Village through the displayed pictures, text, and objects, and felt the development process of Huaxi Village from poverty to wealth.


SABBIR MD HANIF AL from Bangladesh expressed his thoughts: “Since China’s reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved world-renowned achievements. The total GDP has ranked second in the world. The rapid development of China’s economy cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the Chinese people and the Chinese government. China’s successful development experience is very important to Bangladesh. I hope that my country can learn from China’s development experience and cooperate more closely with China to achieve common development.

By participating in this survey activity with the theme of contemporary China’s new rural development, international students had a deeper understanding of China and Jiangsu. International students have expressed that they would cherish the opportunity to study in China and be an envoy of Sino-foreign friendship.

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