Chinese and Foreign Students from WXIT Visited the Wuxi China Ethnography Museum of Industry and Commerce


On October 27th, the school organized Chinese and foreign students to participate in the social practice activities --To feel the pulse of China's development and promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign civilizations.


The Wuxi China Ethnography Museum of Industry and Commerce is built on the basis of the old equipment and buildings preserved in Maoxin flour mill. The mill, built in 1900, is one of the earliest enterprises of Chinese national industry and commerce, and the epitome of the birthplace of national industry and commerce.


Through careful observation of many cultural relics and physical materials in the museum, Chinese and foreign students had a detailed understanding of the origin, development and prosperity of Chinese national industry and commerce. They feel that Wuxi's national industry and commerce culture is the treasure of Wuxi's history and culture and the internal driving force for the local sustainable development.


The visit not only showed the development of Wuxi's national industry and commerce to foreign students, but also increased their in-depth understanding of China's national industry and commerce. Although foreign students come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds, they are very interested in the development of China's industry and commerce.

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