The School of International Education Strengthens Winter Vacation Management and Takes Measures to Care for International Students on Campus


During the winter vacation of 2021, the School of International Education organized international students to participate in a series of cultural and sports activities.


On January 26, the school organized foreign students to watch the documentary Aerial China. The foreign students saw a beautiful, ecological and civilized China from a new perspective, and felt the earth-shaking changes that have taken place in China since the reform and opening up. On February 8, the international students on campus were organized to experience traditional Chinese New Year cultural activities and deeply feel the charm of traditional Chinese festival culture. From February 1st to February 28th, the school organized international students to participate in the Campus Trekking activity, which helped the international students develop a good habit of persisting in exercise and lay a good foundation for learning.


In addition, the School of International Education requires every international student on campus to make a daily health report. International student counsellors enter the dormitory 3 times a week to talk to the students on campus and conduct apartment safety and sanitation inspections. They urge international students to take personal protection and make reasonable arrangements of their own study and life.


The School of International Education implemented various work arrangements during the winter vacation, and fully paid attention to the physical and mental health of students on the premise of following the principles of epidemic prevention work.

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